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Vinyl and CD covers and sleeves

The first Polish brand
of covers for vinyl records
and CDs

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Briefly about DISCCOVER

We have been engaged in producing PE sleeve covers for vinyl records for nearly 7 years. Since the production of the first cover, we were able to significantly expand the range of products and improve products from the permanent offer.

We are always open to any feedback from our customers. For years we have been constantly cooperating with many collectors of black records, whose comments have proven to be extremely valuable for us and allowed us to create a product that is able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers
Many of us enjoy collecting vinyl records as a hobby, so you can be sure that we are well aware of their value and know how to take care of them.
In our permanent offer
you will find
  • covers made of polyethylene film for 12” records – in two dimensions 325 x 325 mm and 315 x 315 mm (315 x 315 covers fit perfectly older editions) – available in 3 different thicknesses – 0.15 mm / 0.12 mm and 0.08 mm
  • covers made of polyethylene film for 10” records – with dimensions of 270 x 265 mm
  • covers made of polyethylene film for 7” records – with dimensions of 185 x 185 mm
  • covers made of polypropylene film for 12” records – with dimensions of 325 x 325 mm
  • covers made of polypropylene film closed with a flap - “325 x 320 mm + flap 45 mm”
  • covers for CDs-DIGIPACKS with dimensions of 150 x 135 mm or 150 x 143 mm
  • covers made of polyethylene film for double editions – GATEFOLD with dimensions of 639 x 317 mm

For larger quantities, we can produce “custom fit” covers, the exact size you expect, or even in any shade of colour. If you have any questions please contact us.
High quality product

Covers made of the highest quality polyethylene and polypropylene

raw material with many specialised additions, among others, protecting from UV or increasing the slip facilitating sliding the records onto the rack, while preventing slipping of the cardboard out of the cover.
Why should you
choose our covers?
  • Your vinyl records and CDs are safe in our films. They easily slide between other records on the shelf
  • the film protects the records from dirt, dust, getting wet, mechanical damage, UVA and UVB rays
  • our covers are always the cheapest at given thickness intervals and quantity on the market!
  • we are always open to our customers’ feedback, therefore we are continuously improving our products
  • we have many years of experience in the production of covers
  • negotiable prices for larger quantities
  • VAT invoices
See our listings on Allegro
On listings you can select an offer for yourself – find the perfect size, thickness or type of raw material!
Our listings
We are a manufacturer
That is why we have the best and cheapest covers.
We have created the chemical composition of the film for records covers ourselves, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality product!
With us you
can be sure that
  • Shipping is always
    on time
  • Product complies
    with the description
  • Workmanship is
    of high quality
  • Manufacturer’s prices,
    so you do not overpay

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Customer service

+48 531 450 977
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